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  • Announcements
    Announcements of interest to the larger EServer community, including announcements about triumphs or successes for particular EServer works or collections.
    7 discussions 10 comments
  • Policies
    A discussion forum about EServer sitewide policies, which are listed online at
    2 discussions 3 comments
  • Open Access
    Discussion about open access policies, theory, and practices in EServer collections.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Public Policy
    Discussions of issues of public policy, including issues of legal and cultural norms and standards which affect online publishing.
    1 discussion 2 comments
  • Privacy
    A discussion of the privacy policies of individual EServer collections, the broader EServer policies which apply to all collections, or privacy issues from the larger web publishing and digital humanities fields.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Suggestions
    Suggestions for improvements to the larger EServer project. Suggestions about particular collections are better posted to each collection's forum.
    2 discussions 2 comments
  • Technical Specifications
    Discussions of the technical specifications of the EServer server workstations, technologies and APIs supported for editors of collections or prospective contributors, and requests for support for particular technologies or specifications of interest to the EServer community.
    3 discussions 3 comments
  • Hardware
    Announcements and discussions about EServer workstation hardware.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Protocols
    Announcements and discussions of Internet protocols supported on the EServer workstations.
    2 discussions 2 comments
  • Software
    Announcements and discussion of software supported on the EServer workstations.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Web Services
    A discussion of EServer web services, such as our discussion forums, collaborative online word processor, live conferencing applications, and others.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Usability and User Experience
    A forum for discussion about usability and user experience design considerations with EServer collections.
    1 discussion 2 commentsMost recent: Unable to access content in tc eserver by geoffSeptember 2014
  • Collections
    Discussions about issues relevant to particular EServer collections.
    12 discussions 12 comments
  • About the EServer
    Issues relevant to the "About the EServer" documentation collection.
    1 discussion 1 comment
  • Academy
    Issues relevant to the Academy collection.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • AgArts
    Issues relevant to the AgArts collection.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Antislavery Literature
    Issues relevant to the Antislavery Literature collection.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Art and Architecture
    Issues relevant to the Art and Architecture collection.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Bad Subjects
    Issues relevant to the Bad Subjects collection.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Books
    Issues relevant to the Books collection.
    1 discussion 1 comment
  • Course Management
    Issues relevant to the Course Management collection.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Project Yao — 覞工程
    Issues relevant to the Project Yao collection.
    1 discussion 1 comment
  • Reconstruction
    Issues relevant to the journal _Reconstruction_.
    1 discussion 1 comment
  • Tech Comm Library
    Issues relevant to the EServer Technical Communication Library collection.
    7 discussions 7 comments
  • The Thoreau Reader
    Issues relevant to the Thoreau Reader collection.
    0 discussions 0 comments

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