Record Readership, the Past Few Days
  • Looking through the EServer's usage report, we see that in the past few days the EServer has had almost record readership. On Monday, April 22nd, we served 648,949 hits to over 102,400 visitors. On Tuesday, April 23rd, we served 640,948 hits to 100,318 visitors. We often tend to have busier usage at the end of school semesters, but these represent significantly higher readership than usual.

    You can go to, if you'd care to review the data.
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  • Two days later, the usage statistics remain quite active, with now four days above 100,000 visitors per day. This is excellent news for our authors and editors; keep up the good work, everyone!
  • As the end of semester gets closer, we're still running quite busy; note that at the present rate, we'll serve 2.9 million visitors in May!

    623 x 510 - 34K
  • So the Spring 2013 end-of-semester rush seems to have ended, and we're back to serving 75,000 visitors per day (about 500,000 hits per day). But to show interested readers how large our increased readership really was in the past few months, I've created a 3D chart, which shows readership (in visitors per month) from January-May of 2011-2013. The two purple columns in the top right? That's our recent Spring Surge.
    May ended with 2,808,502 visitors; almost 3 million! So far, it looks as if 2013 may be a record year for EServer readership.

    You can see the surge in visitors even more clearly when you look at this chart, which shows weekly readership for the past five years (2009-2013):
    821 x 479 - 147K
    925 x 699 - 253K