Adding New Security Rules
  • This week we've begun a new effort to reduce hacking attacks against our servers, blocking many HTTP requests from computer programs that send hundreds of requests per minute to EServer URLs such as "/install/", "/wp-login.php", "/ashx/comment.ashx", "/wp-config.php.backup", and many others. None of these were actual threats to our servers, but it's better to block these attacks — and reduce the percentage of "404 errors" our servers have to send (even if they're only going to evil computer programs, not to real readers). We always want to have a very low "404" error rate.

    Late last night, however, we discovered that one of our new rules was also — accidentally — blocking a needed URL, interfering with one of the EServer collections. It was fixed right away, but do please let us know if you notice any problems with any EServer collections. It may be caused by our newly-increased security.