2013: A Record Year for EServer Readership
  • 2013 was a record year for EServer readership.

    In 2013, the EServer served writings in the arts and humanities to 27,093,363 readers, our largest number of visitors in a single year ever. (Our previous record year was in 2007, when we served just over 26.5 million readers.) As a whole, the EServer served over 180 million 'hits' (about 500,000 per day). As a free, open-access digital humanities publisher, the EServer has been publishing writings and hypertext works online since 1990. The site was first created to provide free access to high-quality writings, in an attempt to make the idea of free 'ebooks' more popular. It's worked; today many people read online, as a result of efforts by open-access publishers and the recent addition of for-profit electronic publishers. But the commercial publishers haven't made open-access publishing obsolete; this past year we've clearly served more Internet readers than ever before.

    Our busiest month of all time was May 2013, when we served 2.82 million visitors in a single month (16,384,815 hits). (We'll try to break the 3-million-readers-per-month goal in the coming year.) In March, our director (Iowa State University associate professor Geoffrey Sauer) presented at the ATTW annual conference about the ways in which our editors and administrators work to optimize the reading experience for online readers, using data from our log analysis software. Among other findings, we've found that 1-page visits were reduced in 2013 over previous years, and that by using new proxy servers we've been able to reduce the percentage of visits from search engine 'robots' (which means we're serving more real people, and fewer pages to search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

    In the past year, we've added the website for Sketch, an Iowa State University student literary journal that began in 1934. We'll work to add new digital humanities sites in 2014, and work to continue to grow our readership.

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