TC Library Spammed
  • Hi everyone,

    Yesterday, while working on our new search engine webcrawler software, I noticed that about 250 of the TC Library's entries had been defaced. It seems they'd been edited by a web robot, to post nonsense phrases and change the link URLs from their proper destinations to a commercial site. I've removed all of those edits, and restored the original content. The site is now clean.

    But I've added a security realm to the TC Library's "Update Entry" form, for the time being. If you want to edit or update a TC Library posted entry, you'll need to sign in with a valid EServer membership username and password. This will probably be only a temporary measure, until I'm able to implement an accessible CAPTCHA solution to prevent web robots from vandalizing the site. But if you'd like to sign up to become an EServer member, you'll find the web form here. Membership has always been free.

    Sorry for any difficulties this temporary security measure poses for you; I'll be working with some senior editors to implement a solution soon.

    Geoff Sauer
    Director, EServer TC Library